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Reviving Conscious
Living .

Rediscover the art of barter and embrace the spirit of community, savings, and eco-conscious living on the BarterDayz app.

Join the grassroots barter revival and start swapping your way to a better world. Get the app now – it's free! 

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Barter Your Way to a Better World

Barter and trade have been fundamental aspects of human interaction for centuries. Barter promotes resourcefulness, reducing waste and helps to foster a sense of interdependence among individuals. 

Swap Good + Services

 Create, search and explore endless bartering opportunities.  Get your friends and family on board Swap and exchange goods services for free.

Save Money

Giving you the power to craft a world that's free, fair, and built on bartering instead of buying, saving you money. You set the barter value and save!

Live Sustainably

The ultimate app for those eager to cut down on consumption, strengthen community spirit and lower their environmental footprint.

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Download Today

Start creating your own free world with family,

friends and your local community today! 

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