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A modern solution to reignite the age old tradition of grassroots barter

and trade accross the world. The BarterDayz app is truly for the people!

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Barter Is Back!

The app that places the power back into the hands of the people. Where your goods and services are reinstated as a valuable form of currency.

Whether it's swapping handmade goods, offering your skills, or trading your excess clothe,  produce or pre loved items bartering is a win-win for everyone involved. Download the app for free, list your items and skills and start bartering today! 

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How it works

Your grassroots community. Search for local opportunities and stay connected with others interested in trade and barter. Find your people and endless possibilities for exchange in your local community or any location via the map feature.   

Swap Goods

Turn your homemade products, household goods, clothes or homegrown produce into a valuable form of currency. The choice is yours! Barter directly with  your local community, strengthen existing barter relationships. 

Swap Services

Turn your personal or professional skills

and services into a valuable form of currency,

with endless opportunities to barter, swap and collaborate with local businesses and people in your community.

Save Money

Shifting the focus back to homegrown,homemade and upcycled goods. Inspiring

users to lower their environmental footprint by decreasing waste and minimising consumption. Saving money and saving the planet one barter at a time.

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NSW, Australia

NSW, Australia

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