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For more than six years, Rachel and Clinton have embraced a simpler way of life, traveling across Australia in a bus, home-schooling their three sons, and fully immersing themselves in the barter lifestyle. 


A Tale of Innovation
and Community

Founded in 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our journey through numerous towns unveiled a concerning decline in people's mental well-being. While barter came naturally to our family, we recognized that the conveniences of the modern world had diminished much of its wisdom and influence. In response, we continued to turn to the power of barter as a means to facilitate connections and nurture positive interactions during these challenging times.

We actively engaged in community meetings, especially in remote inland Australia, where we both helped and witnessed community members compiling lists of goods and services they were willing to exchange. It became evident that there was a profound yearning for connection and community among individuals present and barter was the key to reviving conscious and connected communities. 

Barter emerged as a compelling way to bridge gaps and create meaningful connections within every community.

It was during these transformative moments that we resolved to modernize the timeless tradition of barter, aiming to provide a platform where people can access its myriad benefits right from the palm of their hands.

This inspiration led to the creation of the BarterDayz app, a tool meticulously designed to rekindle the spirit of community, connection, and empowerment through grassroots barter and trade, bridging the past with the present to empower individuals and the next generation.

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Meet The Family Behind

The Revolutionary BarterDayz App.


Established in 2021

Founded in 2021, the BarterDayz App is the result of one family's passion, dedication, and a vision to revive the age-old tradition of barter in a modern world.


Australian Made

Investor-Backed: With the support of two private investors and our life savings, we've invested over $200,000 to bring this app to life, making it a reality for the communityAustralia-Wide, currently available throughout Australia, our app is designed to connect communities nationwide, fostering meaningful exchanges and connections.


Free and Accessible

The BarterDayz App is free to download and use on both Apple and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for everyone interested in embracing the power of barter. There is an optional paid upgrade that provides users with unlimited access and listings for as little as $7.99 per month.


Global Expansion and Philanthropic Efforts

As we look to the future, our plans include expanding globally, connecting people worldwide and bringing the benefits of barter to a broader audience.

We're dedicated to making a positive impact, and as part of our mission, we plan to integrate philanthropic efforts. This includes initiatives related to mental health and charitable foundations, contributing to a better world through the spirit of community and compassion.

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Barter has been an integral part of our everyday existence, and we are thrilled to introduce the BarterDayz app, providing individuals with a practical and ethical means to connect with their local communities or link with communities wherever they travel.


We're excited to offer people the opportunity to rediscover the age-old tradition of barter, a practice that empowers us all to collaboratively build stronger, more tightly-knit communities and make a lasting, positive impact on the mental well-being of those we encounter. 

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