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A Tale of Innovation
and Community

Founded in 2021 amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the genesis of BarterDayz began with a poignant observation of declining isolation and mental well-being across numerous towns. Rooted in the innate practice of barter within their own family, the founders—a young Australian family—embarked on an extraordinary journey.


For 6.5 years, they traversed Australia in their bus, living and breathing the barter lifestyle. During their travels, they witnessed first hand how modern conveniences had diminished the profound wisdom and impact of this age-old tradition.


In response, they embraced barter as a means to foster connections and nurture positivity during these challenging times. Helping others to do the same. Their journey took them to community meetings, particularly in remote regions of inland Australia, where they witnessed the deep yearning for connection and community among individuals. Through these gatherings, where community members compiled lists of goods and services for exchange, the founders recognized barter's potential to revive conscious and connected communities.

Barter emerged as a powerful tool to bridge divides and cultivate meaningful connections within every community they encountered. Motivated by these transformative experiences, the founders resolved to modernize the timeless tradition of barter. Their vision was to provide a platform where people could access its myriad benefits conveniently from the palm of their hands and to help the younger generations know and experience the power of barter and community firsthand.

Thus, the BarterDayz app was born—a meticulously crafted tool designed to reignite the spirit of community, connection, and empowerment through grassroots barter and trade.


By bridging the past with the present, BarterDayz aims to empower individuals and nurture the next generation, fostering a world where the timeless values of barter thrive in harmony with modern technology.



Established in 2021

Founded in 2021, the BarterDayz App is the result of one family's passion, dedication, and a vision to revive the age-old tradition of barter in a modern world.


Australian Made

Investor-Backed: With the support of two private investors and our life savings, we've invested over $200,000 to bring this app to life, making it a reality for the community. Australia-Wide, currently available throughout Australia, our app is designed to connect communities nationwide, fostering meaningful exchanges and connections.


Free and Accessible

The BarterDayz App is free to download and use on both Apple and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for everyone interested in embracing the power of barter. There is an optional paid upgrade that provides users with unlimited access and listings for as little as $7.99 per month.


Global Expansion and Philanthropic Efforts

As we look to the future, our plans include expanding globally, connecting people worldwide and bringing the benefits of barter to a broader audience.

We're dedicated to making a positive impact, and as part of our mission, we plan to integrate philanthropic efforts. This includes initiatives related to mental health and charitable foundations, contributing to a better world through the spirit of community and compassion.

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