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How It Works

It's a platform built on trust and connection, allowing you to co-create stronger communities and make a positive impact, one trade at a time. Barter starts with the people you know and it extends out into your local community. Join us in embracing the timeless tradition of barter, brought to life in a modern, accessible, and sustainable way.



To start your journey with the BarterDayz app, simply download it for free on your Apple or Android device, set your general location, create your profile, and you're ready to explore the world of barter. Invite your friends, family or local community to join you and discover how simple it is to showcase and swap goods and services.


Your Contributions

Begin your BarterDayz journey by creating your barter catalogue, where you can list the goods or services you wish to offer to your community. You can describe your offerings, upload images to showcase them, set their barter value, and specify your general location. Your bartering catalogue is your currency, the foundation of your exchange experience.



Invite Others To Barter With

Inviting others to join you on the BarterDayz app is essential to expanding your bartering opportunities, creating a vibrant and interconnected community where you can exchange goods and services with a diverse group of individuals. The more people you invite onto the app, the more opportunities you create in your local area.  


Explore Your Options

Users have the ability to easily search the map, view what your friends and family have listed to swap. Conduct keyword searches, enabling them to discover goods and services listed for barter by people in their local area or other areas they're travelling to.  You also have the option to share your listing's with friends through SMS or on social media.



Discuss Barter Details

Users have the ability to engage in private chats, allowing them to negotiate the terms of their swap without the distractions of feeds and other comments typically found on social media platforms.  Your sent, received and completed trades are easily accessible. Happy Bartering!



Make an Offer

To initiate an offer, just click 'Barter Now,' then choose the goods or services (one or multiple) from your own listings that you'd like to offer in exchange. Once an offer has been submitted the chat feature will be enabled. 


Download For Free
and Begin Creating Your Own Free World.

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