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How it works

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

How it works

At BarterDayz, we're all about reviving that grassroots community spirit of helping each other out and saving those hard-earned bucks. So, join the bartering revolution, connect with like-minded people, and score some fantastic trades – all while being a thrifty and eco-conscious legend! Remember, it's not just about trading items; it's about building connections and supporting one another while embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. 


At BarterDayz, we value the goods from your home or small business as precious currency. Whether you want to part ways with something no longer useful or can't afford to buy what you need, our platform offers a chance to trade your possessions for what you require.

Discover local barter opportunities and connect with like-minded individuals. From homemade goods and homegrown produce to unwanted items, toys, and small business goods, the possibilities for exchange are limitless, both in your hometown and across Australia.

Barter puts the power back in the hands of individuals to start co creating a free and fair world with friends, family and the local community.


Discover the power of swapping skills and services as valuable currency!

At BarterDayz, we offer a platform where you can create and explore endless bartering opportunities with locals, all while exchanging skills and services for free!

Not only will you enrich your skill set, but you'll also build meaningful connections and establish a strong barter network right in your hometown.

We get it – bartering is about forming genuine relationships with people in your community. That's why our app lets you get to know each other before making any trades.


BarterDayz App is a revolutionary way to swap goods and services with others in your neighbourhood. Our app provides a safe and secure platform for users to connect and engage in bartering activities.
We're firm believers in the transformative power of bartering, paving the way for a fairer and more sustainable economy. With BarterDayz, discovering what you desire or listing items you no longer need is a breeze. Get your creative juices flowing and embark on a journey to craft a world that's free, fair, and built on bartering instead of buying. Save money while strengthening your local community – it's a win-win! 


Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with BarterDayz! Grassroots barter and trade empower individuals to make a real impact on the environment by reducing waste and consumption. Barter encourages community collaboration, saving both money and the planet, one barter at a time. BarterDayz is the ultimate app for those eager to cut down on consumption and live sustainably. Our platform connects users, enabling them to trade or barter items they no longer need or want.

A powerful tool to reduce waste, consumption, and our planet's carbon footprint, all while helping you save money. 

The best part?

BarterDayz is free to use
(with an optional upgrade)

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