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Barter Instead of Buy

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

What if there was another way to get what you need without breaking the bank?

In today's consumer-driven society, it's easy to get caught up in the mindset of always buying the latest and greatest products.

Bartering, or the exchange of goods or services without the use of money, has been a common practice for centuries, and it's still a viable option for those looking to save money.

So, how much can the average family save by choosing to barter instead of buy?

Let's take a look at some examples:

  1. Babysitting services: According to, the average cost of a babysitter in the United States is $17.73 per hour. If a family needs a babysitter for 10 hours a week, that's $177.30 per week or $9,235.60 per year. By bartering with another family who also needs babysitting services, both families can save money by taking turns watching each other's children.

  2. Home repairs: The cost of home repairs can add up quickly, especially if you need to hire a professional. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a home repair in the United States is $392. If a family needs several repairs done throughout the year, the cost can easily reach thousands of dollars. By bartering with a friend or neighbor who has the necessary skills, the family can save money on labor costs and only pay for the cost of materials.

  3. Clothing and accessories: The average family spends $1,700 on clothing and accessories each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By participating in clothing swaps or trading with friends, families can save money on new clothes and reduce their environmental impact by reusing and recycling items.

  4. Homegrown produce: Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only a great way to save money, but it's also a healthy and sustainable option. According to the National Gardening Association, a 600-square-foot garden can yield up to $600 worth of produce per year. By trading excess produce with friends and neighbors, families can save money on groceries and build a stronger sense of community.

Overall, the amount a family can save by choosing to barter instead of buy will vary depending on their specific needs and circumstances. However, it's clear that bartering is a cost-effective and sustainable option that can help families save money and build stronger connections with their community.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, there are many other goods and services that can be bartered, including tutoring, pet-sitting, music lessons, homemade goods, and much more. By participating in bartering, families can save money on their expenses and also build stronger relationships with their neighbors and community members.

Bartering also has environmental benefits, as it promotes the reuse and recycling of items. Instead of buying new products and contributing to the demand for raw materials and manufacturing, families can exchange their gently used items with others who need them. This not only reduces waste but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of new goods.

One way to make bartering easier and more accessible is to use the BarterDayz app. This app connects users with other people in their local area who are interested in bartering goods and services. Users can create a profile, list their offerings and needs, and search for other users who have what they are looking for. The app also provides a messaging feature that allows users to communicate with each other and arrange trades.

BarterDayz is not only a useful tool for saving money and reducing waste, but it also promotes a sense of community and cooperation. By connecting with other users in their area, families can build relationships with people they may not have met otherwise. This can lead to new friendships, shared experiences, and a greater sense of belonging in their community.

In conclusion, bartering is a viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional buying and selling. By choosing to barter, families can save money, reduce waste, and build stronger connections with their community. The BarterDayz app is a useful tool that can make bartering more accessible and convenient, and we encourage everyone to download it and start participating in this fun and sustainable way of exchanging goods and services.

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